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How Methadone Clinic Atlanta Can Help You
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Methadone Clinic Atlanta knows that addiction can derail your life and cause physical and emotional distress. We are here to help free you from the pain of living with addiction every day. With Methadone treatment, relief and sobriety are possible. Methadone Treatment reduces or eliminates craving for opioid drugs, prevents the onset of withdrawal for 24 hours or more, and blocks the effect of other opioids.
Through our Methadone Maintenance program, you will regain physical and emotional health and better your quality of life.


• Reduce or eliminate craving for opioid drugs.
• Prevent the onset of withdrawal for 24 hours or more.
• Block the effects of other opioids.
• Promote increased physical and emotional health.
• Raise the overall quality of life for the patient and their loved ones.
• Be safe to use while pregnant.

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How Does Methadone Work?

Methadone has been used for over 40 years in approved clinics in the treatment of opiate addiction. It is used to relieve moderate to severe pain that has not been relieved by non-narcotic pain relievers and to prevent withdrawal symptoms. You take Methadone orally as a tablet, a dispersible tablet (can be dissolved in liquid), a liquid, or a concentrated solution (liquid that must be diluted before use). If you take Methadone as part of a treatment program, your doctor will prescribe the dosing schedule that is best for you, usually once a day. Your doctor may change your dose of Methadone during your treatment to meet your unique medical needs.

New Day Treatment Center’s Approach
to Methadone Treatment

Our treatment philosophy is to focus on stabilizing our patients medically on the optimum Methadone dose and psychosocially through counseling. This combination helps to prevent cravings to stop the cycle of addiction.

By joining our program and stabilizing their body and mind with Methadone Maintenance, our patients can shed their addiction and return to a “normal” life. New Day Treatment Center programs also include education on the disease of addiction, personalized recovery plans, and group and individual counseling.

New Day Treatment Center can help you heal your mind your body, and your life

Methadone and Pregnancy

Methadone is one of the most effective opiate addiction medications for pregnant women. Numerous clinical studies have all confirmed that Methadone is safe during pregnancy. This means that babies born to mothers on Methadone are just as healthy, and there is no greater risk of miscarriage. Following delivery, the development of these infants throughout childhood is also normal.

The greatest concern during pregnancy is avoiding episodes of withdrawal in the mother. This, in turn, causes withdrawal symptoms in the developing fetus which is an undue stress with unknown consequences. Daily Methadone is the best way of avoiding this, and it is often necessary to increase the Methadone dose as the pregnancy advances to eliminate withdrawal symptoms. The newborn may experience a withdrawal syndrome after birth, but fortunately, this is usually mild, transient and easily treated.

It is NOT suggested that detox or stopping “cold turkey” be attempted, regardless of which medication a patient is taking. It is very important that you inform your counselor if, at any time, you believe you are pregnant. An authorization will be necessary to coordinate your care with your delivering physician to ensure a healthy outcome.